Welcome to Pacific NW Chalk Fest!

Pacific Northwest Chalkfest

Pacific NW ChalkFest

Redmond Town Center, Redmond,WA


FREE and family friendly!

Pacific NW Chalkfest is being postponed to 2022 due to the uncertainties 
surrounding the resurgence of COVID-19 Delta Variant cases and the delayed back-to-office for many Redmond-area employers.


PNW ChalkFest attracts people from all over the Western US, with over 50,000 attending and joining in the art and activities.
Artists are given free rein to create whatever they wish, resulting in an amazing variety of works.

Redmond Town Center provides the perfect festival location for the artists and the audience to experience the event in a grand style.

The final works become stunning masterpieces that appeal to children and adults of all ages. Join us!

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